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Valencia has a history of over two thousand years which has left monuments and remains which characterize it essentially.

Few cities in the world can offer in a city of its size, testimony from the ancient Romans, to the Arab domination, the Renaissance and to the Modern and Contemporary periods.

Valentia Edetanorum was founded by the Romans in 138 BC, in the place where an ancient Iberian settlement settled. It prospered until the 3rd century, when, because of the crisis of the Roman Empire was invaded by the Visigoths.

The Arabs conquered Valencia in 711, called it Balansiya and occupied it for 5 centuries, leaving an indelible mark in urban design and in its culture.

In 1238 it was conquered by James I of Aragon, which constituted the Kingdom of Valencia, incorporating it into the Crown of Aragon. The 15th century was the "golden age" of the city: with port on the Mediterranean Sea, became one of the main centres of commerce in Europe, and were precisely the Valencian bankers who lent to Isabella I of Castile the money for the expedition of Christopher Columbus.

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