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Barrio de la Seu

Barrio de la Seu is the central core of the city, where is located Plaza de la Reina and the Cathedral.

It is also the oldest neighborhood, which coincides with the Valentia Edetanorum, the city situated in the Roman Cardo and Decumano which it placed where today lies the archaeological site dell'Almoina.

After Roman times, the neighborhood became the Valencia Christian Center, where the oldest and most important churches were built: together with the Cathedral and  Basilica de la Virgen, as well as Santa Catalina, San Nicolás, San Lorenzo y El Salvador. Along its streets the most important religious celebrations take place: the procession of Corpus Christi and the transfer of the Virgin.

Among the many prestigious civil buildings, we find the Palacio del Marqués de la Escala, Palau de la Generalitat and the Tower El Miguelete, which offers the most beautiful panorama of the city centre.

There are currently no apartments available in this area.

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