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Barrio del Carmen

Barrio del Carmen, with its long and fascinating history, is today the most characteristic, alive and alternative neighborhood in the center of Valencia.

Developed around Convento del Carmen Calzado, between the eleventh Moorish’s fortress century  and the fourteenth Christian’s century,  Barrio el Carmen has been transformed several times during its long history: it was the Arab neighborhood, home to brothels, privileged place medieval aristocracy and the convents and working-class neighborhood of the Industrial Revolution.

Among its winding streets you will find the Torres Quart and Serrano, the Church of Carmen, the Portal de la Valldigna, el Centro Cultural de la Beneficencia, the IVAM - Istituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno.

Today, both during the day and night, the artist’s workshops, cafés, restaurants and discotheques, makes it one of the Bohemian places with more life in the city.

There are currently no apartments available in this area.

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